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We provide the film; you provide the other resources.

Public TheatersYou can host and show ASK in a theater as long as you are responsible for ALL elements of the screening, including theater rental, ticketing, invites, etc.

Private VenuesYou can show the film in your home, with small or large groups, at your school or church — just about anywhere you want.

There is NO charge for screening ASK. You may NOT use the film for profit or fundraising for any organization (for-profit or non-profit). This film was produced with the belief that true recovery is a gift to be freely shared.

Would you like someone from the ASK team to join you for a screening? If so, please contact to discuss your event and share your request. When available and scheduling permits, Kurt Neale (Director and Executive Producer of ASK) and his wife Julie desire to help others by sharing their story about codependency and addiction in their family, answer questions, and facilitate discussion regarding the film.

Screening Resources — In addition to the film itself, we have also created the following resources for you:

Currently Scheduled ASK Screenings:

There are currently no scheduled screenings of ASK. However, you may always click here to download or stream the film.

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